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Building biology

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An optimal living climate can be achieved when a house incorporates qualities that exist also in nature. Natural building materials combined with modern technical facilities can create a comforting living area which is good for the residents’ health, thus being a source of energy and renewal.

Building biology defines building methods and materials beneficial to one’s health, optimizes the home climate, selects technical equipment and fittings for the building in a meaningful way, and limits negative physical influences from nature and civilization.

When one considers insights of building biology prior to renovation or planning of a new house construction, a house can be created which exudes a pleasant, harmonic and natural atmosphere. In already existing rooms, disturbing factors can be discovered and removed, thereby changing the overall atmosphere of a house positively.

In the following situations a consultation with a building biologist is advisable:

Generally before a move to a new house or prior to purchasing real estate property

During planning of renovation or a new construction

Selection of building materials when renovating or when building a new house

Decision-making aid when choosing the heating system

When planning electric installations, in order to reduce electro-smog

When planning water installation, in order to achieve the possibly best quality of drinking water

When choosing furniture and fittings

When the goal is the improvement of room climate

When the immune system is constantly weak

When the life quality in a house should be improved

When the feeling of well-being in a house or on estate property should be augmented

Services and prices:

On-site counsel and telephone counsel as agreed upon. 

You are welcome to request a formal offer.


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