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Due to the large quantity of electronic and electric devices nowadays, electric radiation impacting the human body has increased greatly.

Diagnosing this impact is recommended under following circumstances:

When the distance to the next mobile phone tower is less than 500 m

When neighbors use DECT telephones or W-LAN

When the house is built in lightweight construction, e. g. with wooden supports

When there are many large metal parts in the house (reinforced concrete, metal roof, metal furniture etc.)

When a microwave (also as part of the baking oven) is used

When there are synthetic surfaces like carpets, PVC-floor, curtains, wardrobes etc. (because of electrostatic effects)

When there are navigable bodies of water or an airport (radar) in the vicinity

When transformer station or sub-transformer are in the vicinity

When radar stations, TV or radio antennae are in the vicinity

High voltage lines are in less than 500-1000 m distance

Power line is above roof ridge

Railway track with high voltage line is in less than 400 m distance

Residence is situated between public buildings with internal radio communication (university buildings etc.)

Fitful and nervous sleep 

Permanently weak immune system.

In case protective measures against electromagnetic fields (high frequency) had been already implemented, repeated check-ups in regular intervals are advisable as the data may change due to various alterations inside and outside the building. The diagnosis includes counseling about measures to reduce electro-smog, together with a measuring protocol.

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