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Geomancy can analyze the subtle structures of the landscape and beneficially integrate them in a building. The subtle phenomena on this specific level encompass also aura and chakras of a person and have a significant impact on the life quality of a place because they influence the body system of the inhabitants.

Are these structures taken into account during the planning of a building, an architectural creation can be realized which exudes pleasant and harmonic vibrations. Already existing rooms and external grounds can be influenced positively after determining disturbing factors and the right measures of dealing with them.

Ageomantic site-analysis is recommended under these circumstances:

Before beginning construction work and interference in the landscape

Generally before acquisition of a new real estate

When negative events have occurred on the site in the past

When inexplicable and unpleasant feelings are coming up at the site

When a significant number of accidents or repeated calamities have occurred at the site

When chronic and degenerative diseases occur while living there for a longer period of time

Generally, when the night sleep is restless and shallow, especially when the sleep does not offer any repose

When the immune system is constantly weak

When the life force is to be strengthened on the site

When the well-being in the house or on a site should be improved

Services and prices:

On-site counsel and telephone counsel as agreed upon.

Professional advice regarding the measures for improvement of the locality is included in the overall analysis.


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