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Vom Wesen der Bäume 

Geomantische Landschaftsphänomene und Baumwuchsformen

Since times immemorial trees have held a great fascination for men. This book describes the relations between special growth forms of trees and the geomantic quality of a place. In this way places of strong energy as well as places of week power can be recognized and interpreted.

The individual shapes and markings of trees are thus becoming sign boards for places which are conducive for instance to spiritual experience, or for evaluating the quality of the living environment around a building.

More than 200 impressive photos of special forms of tree growth at important “places of power” in Switzerland, Germany and France offer astounding insights into the secrets of trees.

The book is also an introduction into the fundamental principles of geomancy and gives an overview of significant geomantic structures in a landscape.


Vom Wesen der Bäume

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Vom Wesen der Bäume

208 pages, format 23 x 19 cm, hardcover, 29,90 Euro (D)

ISBN: 978-3-03800-618-3



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