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Geomancy training

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Geomancy is a path to knowledge - experiencing nature and the quality of energies in the landscape – training in geomancy in the country-triangle Switzerland, France, Germany

Purpose of geomancy training

Central goal of the training is to expand existing personal knowledge of the geomantic structures in the landscape and to hone the faculty of determining the qualities of localities self-reliantly. Additionally, the training gives insight into the laws of subtle contextual interrelations within nature and how these can be integrated beneficially at the residence. An apprenticeship in geomancy means coming in real contact with energy-charged localities and “pure nature”; it means profoundly experiencing the essence of landscape energies, and last but not least, it is a journey to one’s self.

The training consists of three parts which can be booked separately. The first part is an elementary training for two years, educating the perception; the second part is lasting for one year and emphasizes the praxis; the third part is a one year long education as an advisor for housing and living quality. The two shorter parts can be also booked parallel to the elementary training which enables the student to complete the apprenticeship within two years.

In the first part the perceptive capabilities are being educated, and techniques of geomantic nature- awareness are introduced. During excursions to “places of power”, significant subtle landscape structures are revealed. Also belonging to this first part is the recognition of “places of power” by paying attention to the various shapes of tree-growth, as it is described in the book About the character of trees - “Vom Wesen der Bäume”.

Geomancy training part 1

Education of perception

Geomancy training part 2

Practical application & earth healing

The second part of the training emphasizes the practical application of geomancy. During excursions to selected locations the historical impact on places is analyzed, geomantic systems in urban organisms are explored, and earth-healing is being practiced. By practicing on-site, geomantic work techniques are acquired. Precondition for part 2 of the training is participation in part 1 or an attended weekend seminar with the organizer.

The third part is the education as an advisor for housing and living quality. Goal of this training is the qualification as an independent counselor. The training will enable the participants to evaluate and qualify a real estate according to holistic principles, and to develop holistic planning solutions for residents’ living and working.

Central element of part 3 is the Indian vastu-teaching, from which later Feng Shui evolved in China. Besides instructing in the fundamentals of viewing a landscape, this course enables participants to evaluate a building together with the surrounding area and to design the planning according to vastu- principles which entail the proportional rules of Vastu.

In addition the course gives an overview of measuring techniques in building biology which are important for analyzing the estate in respect of electro-smog, radioactivity, radon exposure, earth- magnetic field etc. Moreover principles of building biology in relation to building materials are discussed and psychological spatial effects of architectural forms are explored. The goal of this course is the qualification as counselor for living and housing quality, the ability to evaluate the living environment and to improve it holistically. The precondition of participation in part 3 of the geomancy training is the attendance in the first or second part, or a completed weekend seminar with the organizer.

Geomancy training part 3

Vastu-advisor for housing and living quality

Event venues:

The excursions to the localities of Part 1 are, above all, journeys to energy centers, which provide strength for the body and inspiration for the mind. The venues are mainly in South-Germany, in Switzerland and in Alsace; some are in Central Germany. Apart from learning about geomantic structures, meditative experiences also may happen quite often, opening thereby a personal spiritual path.

Seminar dates:

The dates of Part 1 are filled mainly by daily excursions, but they include also some weekends. Before and after the courses there is the possibility for the students to visit the localities independently and to intensify the awareness exercises. This will support the self-reliant analysis of places and keep also the total training costs low. The days of training take place monthly, so that the practical exercise stays alive for the participants. In the first part of the course a week long journey to Malta with her megalithic temples is scheduled, and in the second part a one week journey to the menhir-rows in Carnac/Bretagne takes place. The seminar days of Part 1 are generally Saturdays, those of Part 2 Sundays, thus making it possible to attend both courses on one weekend. Part 3 of the training is happening in weekend seminars, plus one full week.

Time structure of the training:

Part 1 takes place as an ongoing course which means participants may start with the training at various dates during the year. The locations of Part 2 are always in the vicinity of locations from Part 1. Because of this reason also, it is easy to attend both training parts on the same weekends. Part 2 and 3 are starting in spring. All three parts can be booked separately.


Training part 1  (2 years), 2600 Euro / 15 dates / 29 Seminar-days (with Malta-Reise)

Training part 2  (1 year), 1500 Euro / 9 dates / 17 Seminar-days (with Bretagne-Reise)

Training part 3  (1 year), 2400 Euro / 5 Weekends + 1 Week

not included costs: travelling expenses, overnight stays- and victuals 

10% reduction training fee of part 2, if part 1 is booked as well.

15% reduction training fee of part 3, if part 1 and part 2 is booked as well.


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