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The service provider is member of the Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg.

Regulations about the profession of architects you find here.

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Dipl.-Ing. architect Guntram Stoehr

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The author informs about the fact that the topics of geomancy, electro-smog and vastu are until now not acknowledged by orthodox science and medicine. In orthodox scientific view there is no contextual relation between geomancy, electro-smog, vastu and health grievances or diseases.

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The content of the present website pages reflects the individual opinion of the author, and some used terms rest only on the opinion of a minority. Remarks and references on all pages are not implying any warranty for their application. Textual mistakes in the details, data, paragraphs, etc. cannot be excluded, although the author has put them together in best knowledge and conscience, and checked them carefully. Therefore the present information is given without any obligation or guaranty of the author, and no responsibility or liability for potential errors in the contents is assumed. Moreover the author explicitly reserves the right to change, or to supplement parts of the web pages or the complete package, or special announcements. All measurements are performed in the best knowledge and conscience, but under exclusion of any liability. Under no circumstances is the author liable for damages which incur through use of the present pages. By using the present pages and their information contents, the reader agrees without reservation with the liability note, the data protection and the “Important information”. 

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Guntram Stoehr

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