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Vastu is the ancient traditional architectural teaching from India which later developed as Feng Shui in China. The term Vastu means “living in harmony with nature”. The architectural teaching is also called Vastushastra, meaning the “knowledge of interrelations in nature”. Vastu formulates a body of knowledge whose practical application confers well-being and contentment to the resident of a vastu-house, in harmony with the energies of nature. On such basis, personal success and prosperity in day-to-day life can be achieved. A well-known saying in Vastu is: Harmony in life is a matter of planning!

A special feature of vastu is its well recorded ancient tradition. Thus this body of knowledge has remained intact and can be applied beneficially today like in the past, because the natural energies taken into consideration have not changed over time. Vastu refers e. g. to the course of the sun, the earth’s magnetic field, astronomic conditions like earth’s rotation, and so forth.

Because vastu relates essentially to pure natural forces, it is as applicable in India as well as in Europe. Both hemispheres are located north of the equator therefore for instance the influences from the four cardinal directions are the same. During the planning phase, climatic or cultural differences between India and Europe can be taken into account.

Vastu-analysis of building and location is recommended under following circumstances:

Generally, before acquisition of a new plot of land

When a renovation or the construction of a new house is envisaged

When an apartment, a house or a garden are being felt as disharmonic

When negative events in the past occurred at the given place

When chronic and degenerative diseases occur during a longer stay

Generally, when night sleep is restless and shallow

When the existing life force at the place is to be strengthened

When the feeling of well-being in a house or on the grounds is to be increased

Services and prices:

On-site counsel and telephone counsel as agreed upon.

Professional advice regarding the measures for improvement of the locality is included in the overall analysis.

When renovating or when constructing a new building, it is possible to plan the object according to vastu-guidelines. Even when the building planning has commenced, a vastu-counsel is meaningful.

Vastu-counsel for house or garden is possible also by telephone, on the basis of existing ground plans of the real estate. 

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